Tag Management
Tag Management

TagMan created the first Tag Management System in 2007 and gave marketers independence from IT release cycles to change tags at the speed of digital marketing. The next-generation of TMS introduces a customizable, vendor-integrated solution that fits the varying technical and business needs of all ecommerce brands.


Simplify Tag Processes

Less code, more templates, highly visual

Simplify tag management processes and reduce the resources and time required to add, edit, and remove tags from sites with TagMan’s Drag & Tag Library, designed for marketers to select and deploy any tag in a few clicks. With hundreds of pre-built marketing and advertising technology integrations, you can modify web analytics and launch new marketing campaigns on the fly with customizable tag templates.

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Control Data Collection

Managed workflow, controlled dataflow

Take command of your data collection and keep IT in the loop. Ensure the right people are deploying the right tags, on the right pages, collecting the right data and passing to the right marketing vendor with TagMan’s workflow & data manager.


  • Tag Firing Rules – decide which tags fire on specific pages
  • User permissions - control user access to specific functions
  • Deployment Log – see who deployed what and when
  • Data Audit - transparency into the flow of marketing data
Extend to Mobile & Flash Apps

No developers or constant updates required

Don’t rely on developers every time you want to alter tracking on a mobile or flash application or when a new version of the app is released. TagMan extends our world-class Tag Management solution to all your mobile and flash apps to give you true range and flexibility with your data collection on all devices and rich media.

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Speed up your Website

Fewer tags, delivered & loaded faster

Enhance your users’ experience by replacing dozens of heavy tags with IntelliTag, our light and powerful container tag. See faster page loads, lower abandonment rates and increased conversions from the get-go with one, small block of code on each of your pages that loads tags optimally for speed and data collection.

Holland America Line saw page load improvements of up to 42% after implementing TagMan.

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Fail-proof your TMS

Fewer errors, immediate resolve, zero panic

Don’t waste another work day pulling out hair and scrambling to fix a tag error. With advanced testing, fail-proof technology, error alerts, deployment rollback, and a quick-response support platform, TagMan ensures tags are monitored 24/7 and errors are spotted & resolved immediately, never hurting your business.

You’re in safe hands with TagMan. Find out why.

Support for Web Analytics

Complex analytics, configured simply

Gain from our analytics experience. We’ve implemented countless complex analytics tags for enterprise clients, with every nuance identified and documented. The most used web analytics tags are now integrated into our platform, further smoothing and expediting implementation.

Comply with ePrivacy Laws

World-class ePrivacy tools come standard

Stay ahead of unpredictable ePrivacy regulation, ensure compliance and build consumer trust by allowing users to opt-out of advertising services on your website with built-in tools from Evidon, the global leader in consumer privacy consent.