Why Aren’t Travel Sites More Socially Connected? (Infographic)

With the assistance of Ghostery, we’ve put together some data showing that social plug-in adoption among Experian Hitwise Top 100 US Travel Retail Sites lag far behind adoption among all top sites. While 50% of all top sites have a Facebook plug-in and 43% have a Twitter plug-in, it turns out that only 29% of the Top 100 US Travel Retail Sites have any social plugin at all  (see our infographic after the jump).

This despite evidence that shoppers are becoming increasingly social, with 58% of online consumers having “followed” a retailer through Facebook, Twitter or a retailer’s blog.

While retail travel sites generally feature less shareable content than publishers, we have to wonder if these sites, whose conversions are so vulnerable to page-load time, are especially wary of the extra load time accompanied with installing social plugins. Just one second delay in page-load can cause 7% loss in customer conversions. If these travel retail sites are missing out on a valuable opportunity due to concerns about extra load time, they might want to talk with TagMan about our Smart Tag Loading functionality built into our latest release.

Infographic: Why Aren't Travel Sites More Social?

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