Four Things Marketers Should Ask IT About Their Website’s Performance

Slow Loading Tags

Slow Loading Tags

According to a recent article in NY times Impatient Web-Users Flee Slow Loading Sites, 400 milliseconds is too long. Thirty-seven percent of consumers find performance issues when visiting a website unacceptable, and 86% of users will leave a site after having bad experiences, according to another study from Compuware.

When it comes to tracking what consumer’s are doing on websites, marketers need to use many third-party tags from web analytics, email, search, ad servers, online testing, behavioral targeting, social media, and more. These systems get very complex and often use Javascript which can slow pages down, making it harder to track conversions especially when the user experience has been compromised. See this Compuware Load Testing Infographic to view key findings from their survey and learn exactly how slow tags, that result in poor page performance, negatively impacts your bottom line. In fact we proved in our recent study that, “Just One Second Delay In Page-Load Can Cause 7% Loss In Customer Conversions.”

We’ve developed a list of four important questions that every marketer should ask their IT departments (or vendors) about their site’s tags:

1. Are our site’s tags loading asynchronously? This enables the site’s tags  to load independently to the rest of the page, rather than sequentially which ultimately increases page load time.

2. Can our suppliers guarantee the speed of their tags? Understanding the speed of all of your site’s tags will better help you understand overall page-load times.

3. Are we using a high-end tag management system? Essentially, high-end tag management systems can force thresholds, and not every tag management system can guarantee this so beware. 

4. What impact will our site’s speed have on conversions? Website optimization with a tag management system can improve your site’s speed bringing you more visitors who stick around and ultimately improve your conversion rates. Use the real-time ROI calculator to see how much revenue you potentially can gain speeding up your site by 1, 2 or 3 second, based on real client data.

Learn more about optimizing page-load times by downloading (or forwarding to your IT team) TagMan’s latest white paper, “Smart Loading Tags to Accelerate Your Website’s Performance.”

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