TagMan Joins Forces With Digital Fulcrum To Accelerate Page Load

TagMan rehouses all of your site’s third-party tags into one independent tag management system, loading only the necessary third-party tags when a customer visits your site ensuring faster page load times and better tracking of conversions.

TagMan’s Tag Management System already accelerated page-load times by optimizing its clients’ third-party tags with its its patent pending smart tag loading functionality, which serves tags asynchronously enabling them to load independently of the page content rather than blocking it. Now by combining forces with Digital Fulcrum we are able to offer brand marketers even faster page-load times along with a superior online experience for customers by extending this solution further to allowing synchronous tags to be executed asynchronously without modifying any code, which now enables TagMan to be used asynchronously with any third-party tag.

Learn more about the TagMan and Digital Fulcrum partnership in this announcement, “TagMan and Digital Fulcrum Join Forces To Optimize Performance of Legacy 3rd Party Tags.”

And be sure to download our recent white paper, “Smart Loading Tags To Accelerate Your Website’s Performance,” which focuses on research in synchronous tag acceleration – assessing opportunities for optimizing page-load times through tag acceleration methods, which can result in lower abandonment rates and a better user experience for customers online.

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