Tag Management Done Poorly Can Create Performance Issues

Many marketers don’t realize just how much impact a few 3rd-party scripts have on their website’s page loading and performance and how that can affect the bottom line in terms of conversions, not to mention user experience. Research indicates that it can be significant.

In fact, a study by the Aberdeen group, reveals that a 1-second delay in page loading can correlate to a 7% loss in conversions. That’s a serious problem.

And while tag management is a solution, tag management done poorly can create, rather than solve, performance issues. In essence, tag management done badly can lead to poor acceleration issues. In a recent study, “Smart Loading Tags to Accelerate Your Website’s Performance,” we looked at page-load times with different tag management solutions to illustrate this point.

For instance, many tag management systems place tags in a container tag (see overview of tag management systems). This is when scripts are dynamically written into the page at the point in which they are supposed to appear. In a recent study, “Smart Loading Tags to Accelerate Your Website’s Performance,” we measured the page-load time in this scenario and found that this method caused scripts to download sequentially, instead of parallel, when the page began to load. This resulted in two more seconds being added to page-load time, which could be equivalent to about 14% loss in conversions.

Browser load time with a container tag.

With TagMan’s Smart Tag Loading, you can significantly improve page-load performance while maintaining an optimal environment for data collection and vendor management.

Browser load time with an accelerated tag


With synchronous tag acceleration, the third-party scripts are downloaded in parallel at the beginning of the page load. In this scenario, the page loaded in just under 4 seconds, which is a major improvement over the container tag scenario.

Beware of lower end tag management systems, and make sure that you get all of the data and conversions you need to impact your bottom line. And be sure to show your IT team our white paper, “Smart Loading Tags to Accelerate Your Website’s Performance A TagMan White Paper Written by Paul Cook, Founder and CEO TagMan,” the evidence is clear.

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