2012 Predictions: The Year Of Tag Management, Data Scientists, Privacy, And Attribution

Last year, AdExchanger.com asked us for our 2011 predictions, and the topics of attribution and privacy were at the top of our list. Interestingly, prediction 4 came true with Terry Kawaja launching an AdTechnopoly board. Here in 2012, we see attribution and privacy appearing again but overall we predict the tag management space growing with usage in those areas becoming more of a priority for marketers.

Here’s a summary of our top five predictions for 2012 with the full explanation on Adotas:

  1. Tag Management to experience major growth from 15% to 50% adoption amongst US IR100.
  2. Internal technology and data scientists will play a crucial role in online marketing.
  3. Consumer privacy laws will drive investment in opt-out technologies and tag management systems. 
  4. 2012 will be the year for “complexity managed” by advertisers starting to use platforms like our own (TagMan) to house and integrate all new services to build a single view of their online audiences.
  5. Attribution will move on from topic of discussion to mode of reporting.

Do you think we’re right? What are your predictions?  Post in the comments below.


 Image Credit: dreamstime

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