The State of Privacy, Do-Not-Track, And Why You Need Tag Management

The conversation about consumer privacy on the Internet is heating up due to recent legislation proposed both in the EU and the US. It’s a real concern for both consumers and website publishers alike. Current technologies that track consumers’ behavior when browsing the Web are often dropping cookies on users’ browsers unbeknownst to them (secret data collection). And that’s what’s causing all the alarm and changing tide toward enabling consumers to opt out of being tracked.

For marketers and etailers this movement sounds like a no-win. But it isn’t. As Angus Glover, Chief Privacy Officer at TagMan recently wrote on MarketingProfs:

Through use of tag management and other opt-out mechanisms, marketers can live up to the opt-out promises that various laws and regulations around the world require, while continuing to use tracking systems that do not require such opt-outs. Tags, cookies, data collection, and sharing are at the heart of the privacy problem. By leveraging a system that allows marketers to control all data-driven vendors in one place, they can ensure that best practices are met across the board.

Tag management systems not only help marketers and agencies comply with regulations, independent tag management systems (vendor agnostic platforms) allow marketers to remove or replace vendors (retargeting, social widgets, data collection, tracking, affiliates, analytics, etc.) who don’t meet their privacy policies. With a full universal tag management system, like TagMan, consumers can opt out of third-party behavioral targeting, while still being tracked by first-party site analytics. Marketers can control the data collection process, gain trust from the consumer by offering them to opt out, and still collect relevant data.

Image: By Pininfrna (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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