The Value Of Search and Social Retargeting With Smart Tag Management

The landscape of advertising and targeting is changing rapidly. Targeting and personalization are becoming more and more critical to how we target audiences online.

Our VP of Product Marketing, Maggie Neuwald recently participated in a webinar “The Future of Data and Media in 2012″ with Chango, the leader in search retargeting, and m6d (Media6Degrees), a marketing technology company that helps brands find new prospects using social science. The educational webinar focused on leveraging data to expand reach by identifying opportunities to target new customers using their search and social graphs. Using a full-service tag management system makes it easier to implement the tags required to access that data, while making sure your page speed performance is not affected.

With TagMan’s Tag Management System with real-time attribution, we make it easier for marketers to work with many vendors by uniting the reporting from every channel in one place to show the precise steps customers take to conversion, including paid search, natural search, display advertising, retargeting, affiliates, email, and social media. “You should begin to look at full path to conversion data to better attribute performance to those vendors and make smarter decisions about your budget allocation,” says Neuwald.

To listen to webinar and view the presentations, visit Chango’s blog.

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