The Evolution of Tag Management Part 2

We recently posted “The Evolution of Tag Management,” where we took a closer look at the tag management solutions that emerged over time–from pixel piggy backing to a container tag to the universal tag, and finally to Tag Management Systems (TMS).

Now we’re taking a look at the benefits and shortcomings of each of these tag management solutions in terms of the internal effort required in relationship to whether all vendors are fully supported. (See image above)

As you can see, employing a full enterprise TMS requires the least internal effort with 100% of vendors fully supported. 100% vendor support means you can even manage other types of tags (container and universal), but it doesn’t work the other way around. Meanwhile, near the other end of the scale, a Container Tag solution requires quite a bit of internal effort, but only around half of all vendor tags are supported and they don’t work very well with web analytics. A full TMS ensures campaign and conversion tracking, and most important, a speedy page-load time. Why would you even consider another solution?

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