Holland America Line Improves Site Performance With Tag Management

Holland America now using Tag ManagementWe recently announced that our tag management platform has been chosen by more global travel and hospitality brands, including Holland America Line, a recognized world leader in premium cruising for nearly 140 years (see press release).

Holland America Line has seen significant improvements by implementing TagMan’s Tag management system with Smart Tag Loading. With the high number of transactions that occur on travel sites like theirs, TagMan’s Smart Tag Loading capabilities deliver valuable site performance improvements that contribute to a faster, optimized user experience. Exclusively for the Tag Management blog, Holland America Line shared that they have seen speed improvements by 27- 42% so far. As well, a tag section that previously took over 2.5 sec to serve prior to the TagMan implementation, now takes less than 1 sec to load.

“With a global audience for our brand, we need to optimize for millions of visitors across peak traffic times,” said Mark Kammerer, Senior vice president of marketing & North American sales, Holland America Line. “With Smart Tag Loading in place we’re seeing significant improvements in page load times. This means both a better user experience and a more reliable website operation. “

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