eMetrics Wrap-Up: Jim Sterne On Tag Management, Big Data, And Analytics

Jim Sterne at the TagMan Booth at eMetrics New York

We recently caught up with Jim Sterne, the Founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit to talk about what happened at the event in New York and what’s happening in the industry overall.

Q:  What were some of the a-ha moments of eMetrics New York for you this year?

A: We are actually maturing as an industry. More and more presenters are talking about how they are integrating data from multiple data streams in order to drive business strategy instead of lamenting how they wish they could. More senior people are consuming the insights bubbling up from analysts. More analysts are reporting into Finance — a huge step forward. Analysts are moving into more executive senior roles as organizations recognize their unique grasp of the inner workings of the company and the behavior of their customers.

Q: We’re moving into a hyperdata era of real-time analytics and big data. What do you think this will mean for analytics and performance?

A: Analysts and optimization professionals will be even more necessary as even more competitive advantage is mined from hyperdata. The ability to monitor sentiment in real time, the ability to respond to sudden shifts in subject matter interest and the ability to leverage predictive analytics across large datasets will continue to put analysis and performance into the spotlight.

Q: Are you surprised by the growth in tag management in the US since TagMan first made its US appearance at eMetrics DC 2009?

A: I am not surprised by the growth in tag management. One company had a tag management offering at eMetrics in 2008 and attendees were very interested. Everybody I encountered lamented their trials and tribulations with tagging. But that firm was unsuccessful at explaining their solution.

When TagMan appeared, people were hopeful that it would deliver — and it did. Now, tag management is seen as a solution for a clear and present problem and those who are not using it are considered a step behind.

Q: Do you see this growth as a fad or a trend?

A: I see this growth as an inevitability. Why would a company not use a content management system, a web analytics tool, word processing, spell check or tag management?

Q: What are your thoughts on the future of tag management?

A: Tag management is one of those necessities that is so manifestly valuable that it will be folded into digital property development and management systems. These systems will include rudimentary tag management functionality, license third party tools or be deemed substandard.

Jim Sterne is pictured above at the TagMan booth at eMetrics New York. He’s driving the Tag Speedway, where eMetrics participants were given the opportunity to test their own speed at slot cars, test their website speed (courtesy of Catchpoint) and road test TagMan. With TagMan site speed is instantly improved, as our smart tag loading features solve the problem of slow-loading tags through conditional tag loading, parallel tag loading, synchronous tag acceleration, and tag killing.  

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