Tag Management: Jason Thompson on Build vs. Buy

In a recent conversation with Harry and David’s director of online marketing, Shanti Shunn reminisced about the days when, if you wanted tag management you built your own solution in-house.

It can be hard to believe, but build vs. buy is still a debate in a variety of tech circles. This came to mind recently when we watch a video posted by analytics expert Jason Thompson in which he debates the merits of roll-your-own analytics systems.

Now with digital measurement consultancy Keystone Solutions, Jason is an industry veteran, having worked for companies including Omniture and Spark Networks. We caught up with him to ask if he sees any merit to building in-house tag management systems.

“Buy vs. build really applies to everything. My philosophy is that companies should be investing their time where their talents are, and tag management is no different.  Anyone who’s on the client side and deploying analytics tags or marketing tags – there are so many different tags out there – they start to develop their own tag management. It’s an easy step to take.

“When I was on the client side,  that definitely wasn’t where we had talent. Our talent [at dating site owner Spark Networks] was hooking people up. While we definitely had smart developers and engineers, it didn’t make sense for us to build our own tag management system.  It’s better for them to spend their time building algorithms that match people together.

“There was no way we could possible keep up with everything that’s going on in the space as new tags are being added by vendors, as new technologies are coming into play, there’s just no way we could scale that.

“We may build a fantastic system, but there’s no way we could support that. In six months it’s going to be outdated. We don’t have the resources that a company focusing on doing tag management has. It’s not our business.  It’s simply much better to buy tag management so that as a company we can focus on what our core competency is.”

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