Need a Tag Management System? Find Out with Forrester’s 6-Step Assessment Framework

For better or for worse, JavaScript-based web measurement is here to stay.

JavaScript tags have become a cornerstone of code for Web analytics, online testing, behavioral targeting, affiliate marketing, ad serving, search marketing, and more. Without an efficient, flexible and adaptive tag management system, managing what can easily become dozens and dozens of individual pieces of code can become, according to a recent report on tag management from Forrester Research:

  • A perpetual process
  • Expensive
  • Flying blind (due to an inability to manage tag status and visibility)
  • Error-prone

These problem apply to many, but not all, commercial websites. So how can you tell if your own site is ready for a tag management system?

Forrester has developed an easy, six-step assessment framework to assess website measurement, performance, and management characteristics and evaluate the common drivers of tag management issues. Your total audit score will correlate with their recommendations of where your Web site falls on the spectrum of tag management risk.

Download the report (which is available only for the next four weeks) and take Forrester’s 6-step web site audit to determine if your site needs a tag management system.

image credit: SEG Measurement

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