Come Grow With Us

It’s only the beginning of September, but if you’re like us, back-to-school season is always time for a bit of reflection.

We looked back over the past year (well, it’s only been eight months, really, since 2011 began) and realized we’ve undergone quite the growth spurt here at TagMan.

Consider these statistics that reflect where we were in Dec. 2010 versus where we are now:

  • Revenue grew by a factor of 3X
  • Clients 2.2X growth. And because revenue is growing faster than clients, it means our average revenue per client is increasing, too.
  • Space: Both our London and New York offices expanded into larger spaces this summer.
  • Personnel: In line with client growth, headcount has more than doubled, from 26 last Dec. to 55 currently.

We’re trying to grow even bigger. We’re hiring in both our New York and London offices. Engineers, developers, product managers, account leaders.  If you’ve got what it takes and are interested in joining a rapidly growing and successful startup, we should talk.


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