Little Tags Can Cost Big Money

Reduced conversions. Lower revenue. Visitor abandonment. Bad user experience.

Internet shoppers are extremely impatient. A survey we conducted last month shows 10% of traffic is lost for every extra second a site takes to load. Download survey results.

How slow loading sites impact your business, TagMan Page Load Speed Survey June 2011

How slow loading sites impact your business, TagMan Page Load Speed Survey June 2011

Our findings are congruent with research conducted by Forrester, that shows online shoppers abandon sites after waiting only three seconds for a page to load; and the Aberdeen Group, which found a one-second load delay can cost millions in lost revenue.

Yet nearly half (49%) of the top 500 online retailers have page-load times exceeding three seconds, according to Internet Retailer. If lost sales weren’t bad enough, now Google factors page load times into its algorithm. The slower a site loads, the lower its natural search ranking, hurting site performance even more.

Tags Slow Pages Down
While site design, server speed and bandwidth all play a role in site load speed, tags are another factor. Ecommerce sites can be loaded with these tiny pieces of code which are essential to tracking site performance. There are tags for ads, paid search, SEO, retargeting, affiliates, site analytics and more. Our research shows the average ecommerce website has over 20 different tags, many on the same page. Most ecommerce sites incorporate five to seven tags per page. Each individual tag can take up to ¼ of a second to load.

Remove Tags? Not Really an Option
As marketers invest more in online marketing, their growing need to accurately track performance has increased the proliferation of tags, which in turn decreased performance. One major US retailer removed all its tags during the holiday season and reported a sales gain of 15% just because their pages loaded faster. The trade-off? They lost the ability to track marketing activities, rendering themselves unable to optimize future spending. That’s a tough trade-off, and one most marketers are unwilling to make.

The Tag Management Solution
We’ve just launched TagMan v3. This latest version of TagMan’s tag management solution revolutionizes how tags are loaded, accelerates site speed and puts online retailers in control. Learn more about Smart Tag Loading, and TagMan v3. And please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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