Google’s New Page Speed Service – Some Thoughts

speedThe blogosphere’s buzzing today with Google’s announcement of it’s new Page Speed Service, which promises to analyze Web pages, optimize them for faster loading, and deliver them from Google’s servers to users. Provided site owners hand Google the keys.

Accelerated page loading is obviously great for SEO and user experience, but what about site owners? There will be some interesting discussions to be had about what Google will be able to do with the data they gain access to by serving your pages.

Faster page loading can’t, however, compete with everything a tag management system such as ours has to offer. We’re focused on providing robust control over the tags and tracking pixels on your site. As part of that we’ve developed methods for significantly reducing the impact of tags on page load time while simultaneously improving the accuracy of data collection.

What Google appears to be offering with the Page Speed Service is competitive with other solutions in the market that focus solely on page acceleration. We think we dovetail nicely into that solution to increase page speed further still through better tag management.

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