TagMan and the new EU Privacy Directive (cookie laws)

Per today’s release from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) on the new EU Privacy & Communications Directive, “Organisations and businesses that run websites aimed at UK consumers are being given up to 12 months to ‘get their house in order’ before enforcement of the new EU cookies law begins”.
Here is a more ‘user-friendly’ article on this from the BBC, also highlighting that “…the Department for Culture, Media and Sport admitted that there may be ‘other technical solutions’ but that the browser solution was the only one it was currently pursuing.” In other words, browser header ‘do-not-track’ is the frontrunner technology for how the industry will comply with cookie dropping ‘consent’.

TagMan will continue to closely monitor, and participate in, the process of defining how the regulations will ultimately be interpreted and the technology and marketing implications of this. We will update our clients and partners from time to time as appropriate on these developments and how the TagMan platform will help companies to comply.

For more on online consumer privacy in Europe and the US follow us at @tagmanprivacy

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