2011 Predictions? Attribution, Privacy, Agencies and Terry’s Monopoly Board

Adexchanger.com kindly asked TagMan for our predictions on what 2011 will bring. So, we are drawing a line in the sand and also putting them here so we can review them next year.  It is well worth you all downloading the full compendium from John’s great site.  The link is below.
WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTIONS?  Post in the comments below.

Paul Cook, CEO, TagMan says:

  • Companies will be forced to allow consumers to opt-out out at a ‘tag level’ in response to to new EU privacy legislation and others.
  • Wider uptake of attribution reporting/understanding sees dollars move away from brand paid search terms towards organic search display retargeting/extension.
  • Someone needs to ‘manage’ all these predictions on Adexchanger as the industry evolves: Agnostic, boutique agencies will win back direct-to-vendor dollars and handle more supplier review processes/paperwork/analysis etc.
  • Terry Kawaja will release a Monopoly Board which pivots into a DSP  (that’s an injoke, if you are coming from a background not infused in this data-driven industry)

Go download all of adexchanger’s predictions from industry experts here: http://bit.ly/Adexchanger2010

WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTIONS?  Post in the comments below.

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