What is a marketing technology stack and why should you care?

The marketing technology stack—if you haven’t heard of it, it’s time to get yourself educated (before you have to mumble into your shirt when you boss asks you about it). What is it? Well, it’s the love child born of the marriage of the Chief Marketing Officer and the Chief Technology Officer. They named their baby Chief Technology Marketing Officer, and gave it it’s own department. The marketing technology stack is it’s toy chest. marketingtechnologystack

For at least a generation, companies have had access to far more customer information than they can use. Think about it. Why do you get offers for credit cards that you already have (or worse, credit cards you have already been denied)? Because your credit card company has customer information stored all over the universe and can’t connect the dots between different sources. The big data at the bottom of the marketing technology stack is customer and business information. Continue reading

Much More Than Tag Management

Following last week’s exciting news that TagMan had been acquired by Ensighten, President Dan Dal Degan shares how the company is set to change the marketing landscape. Dan, President

Having joined Ensighten in November of last year, this is my first chance to communicate with many of you. By introduction, I’ve spent the past 25 years at Oracle, Sybase, Siebel and at Salesforce the last 11 of those years. During a summer sabbatical in 2013, while considering what I wanted to be when I grew up, I assisted venture capital firms by reviewing a few of their potential investments. It was in this journey that I met my new teammates at Ensighten. Continue reading

Ensighten Acquires TagMan. Game On

Following last week’s exciting news that TagMan had been acquired by Ensighten, Josh Manion, CEO, shares the company’s vision for the future. Josh, CEO

Four years ago, we founded Ensighten with a bold vision: to transform the way enterprises collect, own and act on all of their customer data across every digital touchpoint. And in today’s increasingly connected world, as we move towards the inevitable ‘Internet of (Every) Things,’ our vision holds true —and is even more true for our customers. Continue reading

Truly, Madly, Attribution

With eCommerce quickly becoming the status quo and the explosion of mobile Attributioncommerce, today’s marketers have to take into consideration multiple channels and devices in their efforts to engage audiences. Without a unified view of all marketing touch points customers engage with in their path to purchase, marketers are limited in their ability to get the most out of a multi-channel approach.
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