TagMan Consumer Privacy Guidelines

TagMan facilitates data management for website owners and provides them with tools to manage their own data collection and privacy practices. As such, TagMan is a ‘data processor’ not a ‘data owner’, meaning that we do not own or sell any data which passes through the TagMan system. Our clients are passionate about protecting consumer privacy and being open and transparent with their customers. To that end, we encourage you to review the following guidelines, which explain how we manage online data and the controls we offer to help our clients and consumers manage how information is collected and used.

TagMan helps its clients to manage their own data collection and privacy practices, but does not control these practices. As such, we encourage users to review the privacy policies on the websites they visit to discover how each collects, stores and uses customer data. Remember that all website owners have obligations to comply with applicable privacy guidelines and legislation

However, TagMan does collect data on its own website TagMan.com and publishes a privacy policy for how we use this data.

TagMan provides functionality to our clients so that they can offer consumers specific opt-outs according to how data will be collected, used and/or shared with 3rd parties. These allow our clients’ customers to opt-out from 1st party cookies (cookies placed on users’ computers by the owners of the sites they visit) or 3rd-party cookies (cookies placed on users’ computer by other companies via the sites they visit). Sites may also operate on an opt-in only basis, allowing them to collect and use customer data only where they have explicit permission to do so

TagMan also provides functionality that allows clients to determine for themselves how long they retain consumer data according to their own data policies, information on which we recommend they make freely available in their respective privacy policies.

To provide this functionality, the TagMan cookie does not expire, though it may be deleted in the usual way. This allows us and our clients to retain users’ opt-out preferences. However all data relating to consumer behavior, for example, is deleted from our servers three months after collection

Because we only process data on behalf of the client, we do not own or sell any data which passes through the TagMan system. We may store some data for a limited period of time in order to facilitate reporting to our clients but we regularly purge all consumer and campaign data from our systems. The only piece of data which the TagMan system applies to your data record is our Global User ID (GUID) which allows our clients to unify data from various systems into one single view of your anonymized online marketing behavior. Our clients may instruct us to share this data with other parties, and we do this only on the basis that they have suitable consent to do so.

Your TagMan settings, including any opt-out records, are held in browser cookies which do not expire. As such, if you delete our cookie, your opt-out preference will be lost and a new cookie and GUID would be assigned to you should you next be exposed to a TagMan tag on a website you may visit.

TagMan offers clients the option to use 1st party tracking cookies on their website. If the client selects this option then the data stored in the 3rd party TagMan cookie which is specific to that client is synchronized with a 1st party cookie. Each client’s TagMan cookie is stored under a path, with the pathname indicating the specific client. In this way the 3rd party can be considered 1st party data storage.

TagMan provides tracking services via a number of domains, primarily tagman.com and levexis.com. For the sake of transparency, any such TagMan tracking domain redirects to the TagMan.com website, meaning it is always identifiable as belonging to us.

Where applicable, we adhere to the IAB’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising, which provide for consumer notice and choice in the collection of information about users’ interests and activities

Some of our clients may work with data companies to increase campaign targeting capabilities by anonymously exchanging data via synchronized cookie IDs. In order to achieve this, TagMan maintains a list of cookie IDs for our clients’ site visitors in a 1st party cookie from the client website (this is known as the ‘cookie dictionary’). We are then able to pass targeting data between data companies from server to server rather than via the cookies and tags in your browser. In this way we share anonymous information by allowing our clients to associate shared anonymous profile information with their own cookie on your computer. You can opt out from this data sharing here. The campaign data we collect on behalf of our clients is specific to each client and is not shared between clients. This campaign data may include search keyword data (both from external search referrals and from site search on the client’s website).

We maintain administrative, technical and physical safeguards that are designed to protect the security and integrity of collected information, to protect against anticipated threats and hazards, and to protect against loss, misuse, alteration or destruction Although there can be no guarantee that these safeguards will work against all threats, we believe they provide reasonable protection.

TagMan provides a universal opt-out for consumers, allowing them to opt out from all tracking, not just by TagMan, but by our clients through the TagMan system Click here to opt out from all data collection via the TagMan system.

To choose which 3rd party companies you share data with, both within and without the TagMan platform, we recommend you visit PrivacyChoice To see which companies tags are in the web pages you visit, we recommend the Ghostery browser plug-in from BetterAdvertising.

For more information about managing browser cookies, please visit AboutCookies.org. If you are generally concerned about your online privacy then we recommend you visit the National Advertising Initiative NAI and the Digital Advertising Alliance DAA.

If you have any questions regarding TagMan’s privacy guidelines, please email contact@tagman.com